Warm and Nutty Breakfast Couscous

Serves 2

1 cup water
1/2 cup dry couscous
1/2 cup chopped mixed unsalted nuts, equal parts almond, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts
2 tablespoons unsalted pepitas* or sunflower seeds
2-3 pinches of cinnamon
3 tablespoons pure maple syrup

1. In a small pan, bring water to a boil. Add couscous. Remove from heat for 5 minutes and fluff with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Drizzle each serving with a little extra maple syrup, if desired.

Shopping Note: Pepitas are flat, green Mexican pumpkin seeds found at Mexican markets, health food stores, and some major supermarkets. Unsalted pumpkin or sunflower seeds make good substitutes.

Recipe created by Susan Russo of Food Blogga.